Foot Zone Classes

We are now accepting applications for those who want to be part of Enso: Intrinsically Awaken's next foot zoning class. Class one will be held January 18, 19 and 20 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), 2024 in Rigby, ID. 

The application deadline is December 31, 2023.

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You will receive over 100 hours of classroom training. Classes are divided into 6 courses and are taught two days once a month, except for classes 1 and 6, which will be 3 days. Most classes fall on a Friday and Saturday

Each seminar is taught as individual classes and stand on their own merit— they are consecutive and advancing in information. When you receive your certificate as a Foot Zone Practitioner you will know how to confidently use this method to benefit you, your family, and others. 



It teaches you how to take responsibility for your own healing.

It does NOT support you in being a victim to your circumstances or you blaming others for your problems.

It guides you into becoming an empowered person who can appropriately harness your empathic gifts. (Everyone has empathic gifts.)

It does NOT label you an “empath”—a martyr of your “amazingness”!

It leads you to a place of discerning, discovering, developing, owning, and refining your God-given spiritual gifts. You have way more than just one gift.

It does NOT allow you to berate yourself into thinking everyone else’s spiritual gifts are better than yours. 

It reminds you that God is the giver of these gifts, the Master Healer, and all glory goes to Him—and that you are blessed to be His hands in this work. 

It does NOT promote self-aggrandizement and thinking that YOU are the one who heals. 

It requires effort and completion of practice zones and homework.* Effort and practice builds confident, skilled, and gifted foot zone practitioners.

It does NOT let you skate by without doing the work.

It necessitates you showing up and being present during class. 

It does NOT support you in a lack of commitment to attending class. (We do understand emergencies can happen, but that should be a rare exception—not the rule.)

It encourages respect for you, your instructors, and fellow students in all aspects of this course and our individual journeys. 

It does NOT consent to behaviors that disturb or disrupt the learning environment. 

It concludes with practical and written comprehensive final exams, both of which are designed for your successful completion of this course.

The final exams do NOT have any surprises on them, nor are they intended to confuse you or make you fail.

*We require 20 practice zones between each class—that way you will have 100 foot zones completed by the time you graduate!! Also, we have done the homework ourselves, and it only takes 1–2+ hours each month. Not bad at all. Plus we give you tools to ensure your success :)


  • All 5 areas of the foot zone (valued at $20,000+. I paid around $20,000 to attend massage therapy school. All of the modalities I learned there (combined) do not equal the value of benefits I’ve seen foot zoning bring to people’s lives—even from just one session! Consider the benefits of many sessions done over time…!)  
    • Draw maps at the same time your instructor draws the maps. This ensures the accuracy of your maps and the accuracy of your foot zone.
    • In-person demonstration of all 5 areas of the foot zone. This gives you the opportunity to see how it’s done, plus ask questions and gain clarity about where each signal is located on a real foot.
    • Hands-on student practice sessions for each area, with instructors available to answer your questions. 
    • Hands-on mentoring sessions for each area with an instructor. This is a one-on-one coaching opportunity to help you be the best foot zone practitioner you can be!
  • Book bundle (covered by your registration fee) that includes all books needed for this class. Here's a sneak peak of one of those books: 
    • M: Collaborations with the Divine Doctor (currently priced at $77, but the value far exceeds that! This book is changing lives. Plus, you get to be instructed by the actual author of this beloved book—and her amazing mom :) 
  • Basic essential oils training (valued at $97).
  • The Art of Allowing Energy. We teach you how to feel and shift blocked and trapped energy in the body. This important skill is incredible for the foot zone and in daily life (valued at $497).
  • Ethics training. Ethical practitioners are trusted practitioners. (valued at $97)
  • Emotional Release training with M: Collaborations with the Divine Doctor. You will learn about emotions, how and where they trap in the body, powerful ways to release them, and how to apply your new knowledge to foot zoning (valued at $497).
  • Success tools designed to help you reach your goals regarding foot zone therapy (valued at $197).
  • And so much more…!

These classes are truly priceless. Bringing peace and healing to the lives of your loved ones, your clients, and yourself is the beyond rewarding. The value you will receive from these classes will far surpass the price you pay.


    Registration deposit: $300* (due when accepted; includes books)
    Tuition = $4500 (monthly payment plan available)
    Grand total: $300 + $4500 = $4800

    *The $300 registration deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable.


    • Referral discount (contact us for details)  


    Class 1

    January 18–20, 2024



    Class 2

    February 16–17, 2024



    Class 3

    March 15–16, 2024



    Class 4

    April 12–13, 2024



    Class 5

    May 10–11, 2024



    Class 6

    June 7–8, 2024

    Thursday– Saturday


    Click here to apply.


    Jeri Taylor                                            

    Jaclyn Taylor