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July 09, 2018 Jaclyn Taylor

Emotions can be, simultaneously, the most exquisite reality and the most cruel deception. This is why you can never trust them. The heart, however, is brilliant and honest. It cannot lead you astray. But you have to keep it free and clear—at zero... Otherwise you will find yourself on a wild ride, full of twists and distortions, completely unable to see the Truth, your path, and God’s will for you. 

We are meant to experience emotions, process them, and let them go. However, most prefer to quickly bury the painful ones, trying to minimize imaginary damage and pretending the emotions don’t exist—sometimes even to the point of convincing ourselves that they never did. Thus, causing legitimate collateral damage at the burial site and inadvertently inviting disease or injury. 

And the good emotions... well, we try to revel in them and bask in their glow for as long as possible, willfully and selfishly clinging onto them for dear life when they are meant to be momentarily embraced, then released to nourish the world around us. So when they inevitably slip through our fingers, we grieve or become angry. 

Ideally, we must keep our hearts as pure vessels so true joy and charity can reside. These are deep, abiding, enlightened states of being, not emotions. They take root in our hearts where they flourish and grow. They must be continually nourished by the Light. 

Clean. Clean. Clean. Clear. Clear. Clear. Let go. Be at zero. Be at peace through the Prince of Peace.

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  • Alycesun Clare

    Feb 24, 2021

    Buddy…this. You are and have always been inspiring. Love you.

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